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Product Disclaimer Policy

As we are primarily a sourcing company that finds high quality products at great deals within various manufacturers worldwide, none of the products listed on our website are branded. 

They are given unique names based on style and appearance. These names may not reflect qualities or origins of the product.

The majority of our products are designed worldwide but manufactured in Asia. 

Products are given unique names in order to better effectively communicate the value of the item to the customer. 

The majority of our products are made by humans and are therefore named handcrafted. Handcrafted applies to any technique other than fully automated machinery used to make the product. 

Furthermore, we do not mark up products more than they need to be. This results in packaging of the products not listing the brand name. This is to pass the savings directly from the wholesaler - to you, our valued customer. 

Our Business is an innovative one of a kind, direct to consumer. 

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